Safety Services

Workplace hazards and safety profiling.

  • Workplace hazards profiling and workshops.
  • Workplace hazards identification, assessment and control.
  • Holistic assessment across strategic, operational, people, compliance and safety.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities to inform priorities.

Workplace safety planning and implementation.

  • Workplace safety planning framework design
  • Workplace safety planning for people, systems, culture, wellbeing and compliance
  • Action plan development, alignment to priority and capacity.
  • Implementation delivery, support and guidance.

Workplace safety strategy and framework design.

  • Workplace safety strategy design and implementation.
  • Risk and safety management framework design and implementation.
  • Structured focus on people, systems, compliance, culture and resilience.
  • Development of policy, procedures, audit and assurance plans.
  • Emergency management planning, business continuity and readiness testing.

Safety management systems framework design.

  • Safety management systems framework design.
  • Safety management system development and implementation.
  • Development of safe systems of work, safe work procedures and tools.
  • Contractor and third-party management systems and tools.
  • Emergency preparedness, crisis management and response.
  • Culture change and capacity building of people leaders and staff.

Occupational health and safety risk assessments and inspections.

  • Occupational health and safety assessments, inspections and reports.
  • Development of health and safety risk profile and hazard and risk registers.
  • Site risk assessment, task or activity risk assessment.
  • Operational risk assessment and safe work method statement development.
  • Workplace safety inspections and targeted inspections.
  • Risk surveys.

Health and safety programs targeting prevention, early intervention and response.

  • Health and safety programs focused on prevention, intervention and response.
  • Health and safety programs targeting staff engagement and culture change.
  • Specific risk intervention, assessment and planning.
  • Injury management and workers' compensation interventions and plans.
  • Early intervention capacity building and response structures.

Compliance audit planning, reporting and monitoring.

  • Risk and safety compliance audit planning, reporting and monitoring.
  • Compliance review or assessment.
  • Risk and safety systems gap analysis (quantitative/qualitative).
  • Deep dive review of priority focus area or area of concern.
  • Development of compliance audit planning and assurance programs.

Risk consultant and bespoke consulting services.

  • Health, safety and risk consultant services.
  • Needs based services or assistance.
  • Prevention, intervention and response aspects.
  • Specific projects, events, new ventures or growth support.
  • Outsourced risk and safety advisor.

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