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Ryan Kellen founded Simplifyrisk to provide unique, accessible and affordable services that focus on simplifying risk and safety management for organisations.

Ryan is recognised for his ability to deliver successful risk and safety management programs in a way that is simple, efficient and effective. He has held key positions with a number of high-profile organisations including head of Risk & Safety for the Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix where he managed risk, safety, emergency and crisis management and event readiness for two of Australia’s biggest events. Ryan is also an experienced Risk Management Consultant, having worked for AON on a number of key projects, he has partnered with top-tier clients and accumulated a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors including not-for-profit, environment, education, public transport, tourism and Government.

Having worked with such a diverse range of stakeholders and industries, he observed consistent themes and challenges that organisations faced with risk and safety management, namely, they didn’t know where to start, struggled with engagement and inclusion or became overwhelmed and lost in the complexity of what was required and appropriate for the organisation.

Ryan is an engaging facilitator and educator and it is his adaptive, supportive and inclusive approaches that set him apart. He has a reputation of being accessible, adaptable and affordable and is committed to setting organisations up for success.

Ryan holds formal qualifications in risk management, occupational health and safety, emergency and disaster management, international relations, change management, training and assessment and has helped set up a number of community initiatives and enterprises which are aimed at developing leadership qualities in people passionate about the environment.

An outdoor adventurer at heart, Ryan is regularly hitting the trails locally and globally with his wife Tanya, contributing the local conservation initiatives, and is committed to a safe and sustainable world.

We help organisations establish structures, systems and approaches that focus on prevention, early intervention and response.
We help organisations establish structures, systems and approaches that focus on prevention, early intervention and response.
  • Community services
  • Arts and culture
  • Education and schools
  • Aged care
  • Environmental organisations/groups
  • Volunteer
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Major Events
  • Sport
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Roads, logistics and traffic management
  • Building and construction
  • Asset and facilities
  • Government
  • Other
“We believe in sharing our success and playing our part to ensure a
sustainable future for the environment and community”

A portion of all proceeds are Donated to recognised organisations that protect threatened rainforrests and endangered wildlife in both Australia and around the world

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We have exceptional top-end industry and technical experience, are highly adaptable, and most importantly, we take the time to understand your needs and nurture the development of your ability to manage risk and safety.
We are invested in setting our clients up for success and making our services accessible to all organisations by working to your budget needs.
Bespoke services.
We recognise that every organisation is unique, have different levels of capacity and that a one size fits all approach is not best for business. We work with you to truly understand your needs and we only offer the services that deliver what you want.
Keep it simple.
We are all about keeping it simple, we work with you and your people to co-design what is needed in a way that is engaging, simple and achievable.